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Montessori Multi-Usage Learning Tower

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1 Tower Purchased - 2 Accessories Free! Beware, stock is very limited!

#1 The most advanced learning tower in the world. Handmade by passionate craftsmen.❤️

Size: M-Tower

  • M-Tower
  • XL Tower Large Family

Color: White

  • White
  • Natural Wood
  • Black
  • Charcoal Gray
£429.00 £299.00
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To add accessories to your order, select the size and color of your Montessori Tower and then simply check the boxes of those you are interested in before pressing the "Add to Cart" button
Due to high demand and that our learning towers are handmade, please order within the next for delivery between and before the delivery time becomes longer. hoursminutes

Age: Recommended between 8 months and 4 years 

And with a snap of the fingers, your child is at your height! This is the magic that this Montessori observation tower offers.

The observation tower allows the child to be at your height for all his activities. This avoids any frustration because he has all the parts of his house including, for example, the kitchen counter.

Our observation tower is multifunctional! By taking a Tower and without adding any options you will have :

🌈 The observation tower position

🌈 The activity desk position

🌈 The high chair position

However, to ensure the optimal safety of your child in this position you will need : 

🔵 I For 8 months - 18 months: add the Baby swing option

🔵 I For the 18 months - 36 months : you will have to add the option Felt Wrap

(all options can be found further down on the product page ⬇️

Switching from one option to another is very simple and all you have to do is follow the user guide provided with your Tower.

🌟If you wish to receive the Slide / Slate, playful board to add to the Tower, then it will be necessary to take it in option by adding it to your cart, for that you just have to go down on this product sheet ⬇️ and you will find all the possible options including the Slide / Slate ⬇️ .

Lightweight, our observation tower is easy to move from one room to another thanks to its two Removable Wheels.

Develops autonomy: your child will be able to develop his/her skills independently
Multiple variations: includes different options
Safety: designed with high quality materials to guarantee a completely safe use

The different game opportunities and skills developed:

Participate In Family Life

Very often, our homes are not adapted to our children. We must then carry them or develop tricks to allow them to be actors of the family life.

In the Montessori pedagogy, the child has a role to play in everyday life. It is by doing the same things as adults that they learn and develop their skills. Thanks to the observation tower, he is able to participate in all activities and see everything you do.


Boost Self Confidence

The Montessori Tower fosters your child's independence, boosts their self-confidence and nurtures the interactions they have with others.

Fun and Learning

Our observation tower is multifunctional! It can also be used as a high chair, a dining table or even an activity desk! These options are built right into the tower, so you don't need to buy extra accessories to take advantage of these options: switching from one option to another is very simple and all you have to do is follow the user guide provided with your tower.


Slate Slide

This is an accessory that makes your Montessori Tower even more fun. A board can be added to the back of the tower. On one side: it acts as a slide. And on the other side: a slate.

Dimensions Slide/Slate Tower M : 40 cm/92 cm

Dimensions Slide/Slate Tower XL: 56 cm/92 cm

This option is compatible with the M and XL tower.

Toboggan Ardoise - Monti family

Baby Swing

BabySwing - Monti family

Felt Wrap

The felt wrap is an accessory that fills the holes left in the tower. It is an important option for even more safety. It is especially recommended for little ones (8 months to 2 years).

This option is compatible with the M and XL towers.

Feutrine - Monti family

Locks and Bolts Aptitude Board

Children enjoy developing their skills by practicing everyday tasks. This skill board has small doors with different locks and bolts.

Once the child successfully opens the door, a blackboard is revealed. They can then draw on it using chalk (not included). This board is therefore very useful for developing fine motor skills and exercising the various skills acquired through drawing.

We recommend this skill board for children ages 18 months to 4 years.

Compatible with tower M and XL.

Planche d'aptitude à verrous et serrures - Monti family

Tree of Life Motor Skills Game

This option allows to develop the fine motor skills of the child as well as his imagination. The motor tree is designed for children from 18 months.

Compatible with the M and XL tower.

Paper Roll

Rouleau de papier - Monti family

Mirror With Grab Bar For Tower

A mirror with a grab bar is one of the Montessori materials designed for babies. It allows them to pull themselves up, to discover their reflection and their environment in complete safety. This option is therefore indicated if your child is not yet walking.

The mirror fits on the M and XL tower.

Transparent board - Coolboard

Tableau transparent - Coolboard - Monti family

THE TURNKEY IS DELIVERED IN RESERVED PARTS The package you receive will consist of the following items:

EASY ASSEMBLY Intuitively, assembling the various elements takes an average of 15 minutes.

The tower is now ready for use.

A package that is transported safely to avoid breakage. Includes a tower in the colour and size of your choice. With all options selected.

Montessori Tower M:

Please note that the M tower does not automatically include the baby swing and/or slate slide. To receive them, please add them to your basket!

Montessori Tower M supports up to 30 kilos. With its unique design, it can be used as an observation tower, high chair, dining table and activity table!

Easy to assemble, everything is included in the package.

Dimensions are as follows: height: 93 cm (table top side) and 98 cm (back side) width: 40 cm depth: 34 cm seat height: 74 cm platform height: adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the ideal height for your growing child.

Montessori Tower XL

Please note that the XL tower does not automatically include the baby turn and/or slate slide. To receive them, please add them to your cart!

The Montessori Tower XL is wider and supports up to 40 kilos. It has the same functionality as the M.

However, it is ideal for families with several young children and for twins, as it allows the tower to be used as a duo. This is so much more comfortable to share pleasant moments!

Measurements are as follows: Width: 56 cm Height: 93 cm (table top side) and 98 cm (back side) Depth: 34 cm Seat height: 74 cm Platform height: Adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the ideal height for your growing child.


👶🏻If you only have one child and they are between 8 months and 18 months old, we recommend choosing the M tower, where you can add the Baby swing option and the slate slide for fun. To make the tower even more complete, you can add the mirror with the grab bar. 👧🏻If you only have one child and he is between 19 months and 4 years old, we advise you to opt for the M tower by choosing the slate slide option to add a playful aspect. You can also choose the felt option for more comfort and safety. To make the tower even more complete, feel free to add all the fun options you are interested in: the XL tree of life, the XL lock and key skill board, the XL transparent board or the XL paper roll. 👶🏻👧🏻If you have two children and one (or both) is between 8 months and 18 months old, we recommend choosing the XL tower. You can then choose the Baby swing option but also the XL slate slide for the playful side. To make the tower even more complete, you can add the mirror with the grab bar. 👧🏻👦🏻If you have two children and they are between 19 months and 4 years old, we advise you to choose the XL tower by choosing the slate slide option to add a playful aspect. You can also choose the felt option for more comfort and safety. To make the tower even more complete, don't hesitate to add all the playful options that interest you: the XL tree of life, the XL skill board with locks, the XL transparent board or the XL paper roll.


That's right! The observation tower comes with two wheels which makes it very easy to move from one place to another.


We work with people who share our values. In our team there is Dan: our inventor. He is the one who thinks up the design of our products. He works with a team of passionate artisans who handcraft all our products. The wood is European. Please note that all our products are of European origin and made of noble and eco-friendly materials. This choice was made to allow you to receive high quality products that last over time.

What are the measurements of the towers?

Height: 93 cm at the kitchen table, 98 cm at the back (all sizes) Bottom depth (front / back): 50 cm for size M and XL, 45 cm for size SLIM Bottom width (left / top): 41 cm for size SLIM and M, 56 cm for size XL Height to the floor on the platform for feet: 35, 42 and 49 cm for all sizes Size of the platform for feet (L / L): - 40/34 cm for size M - 40/29 cm for size SLIM - 56/34 cm for size XL


We never have access to your bank details.The transactions are entirely managed by our partner Stripe. Your payment is totally secure.


The use of our Montessori observation tower varies according to the age of the child. Therefore, before proposing a new activity, we must not only take into account the age of the child but also his abilities. Children of the same age can in fact have very different abilities. Based on our observations, you get our tips here: 6-18 months: feeding table, Montessori mirror 1-3 years and older: slide, shape sorter 1-5 years and older: teacher's tower, magnetic cards 2-5 years and older: high chair, blackboard, table field hockey table, activity table.


We use mainly birch plywood. Some parts are made of hardwood. Paints and lacquers are non-toxic water based.


We did our best to develop this product, always with safety in mind. We know this is the most important thing. We test and challenge periodically every aspect of the tower. We get permanent feedback from users. Since 2017 when this model was launched, we never had any major incident regarding safety. Still, the learning tower is a relatively new tool on the market and not everything is known about it. Please take care of the following aspects (without limiting to them): Never leave the child unattended Prevent your child from climbing on the product Be aware of the risk of tilting when your child can push its feet against a table or any other structure Do not allow the child jump inside the tower or any of its parts Do not allow the child to use the connecting bars as monkey bars (hang or swing) Always supervise the child from a close distance (a hand’s length) while inside the tower. Always set the right height for the feet platform, so that the centerweight of the child (the belly button) is always under the top edges of the tower. Be aware of any sudden moves of the child while inside the tower. Keep the tower and the child at a safe distance from any heat source, electrical devices, cutting devices, open windows. Never leave the room while the child is inside the tower.


No. This device is not meant to keep the child busy while you can take a break. On the contrary, this device is meant to encourage interaction and connection between parent and child and offers countless opportunities for this.


After we created the first version of Leah's tower (which is the current size M), several families with children close to us asked if the tower could accommodate two children at the same time. We realized that while this was technically possible, it would be detrimental to the comfort and even safety of the children.

Why the Montessori Universe?

Welcome to our world.


We were concerned about our children's education and wanted to create the store we had wanted as children but also as adults for our children.

We were tired of the toy industry, so we decided to revolutionize it on our scale by offering the highest quality products that address a real problem.

SEPTEMBER 23 UPDATE: Due to high demand and the fact that our lathes are handmade, it can take up to 2-3 weeks before you receive your lathe.

This may seem like a long time, but each lathe is made almost to order and if you want it, we advise you to place an order quickly despite the current delay.

We do our best to reduce this delay.



Quality control and processing of your order: 1-3 working days.
For the sake of the environment, our packages all leave our warehouse at the same time, every Friday. So if you order on a Monday, your package will be shipped on Friday and will arrive after 3-5 business days.

Delivery in Ireland: 3-5 business days with GLS.

Delivery in U.K: 3-5 business days with DHL.

All orders are processed and shipped from our warehouse within 1-5 business days after quality control and preparation of your order.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Mandatory inspection during this control stage greatly increases customer satisfaction, which is our top priority.


Because we care about our customers' experience, you have 30 days to return your order for any reason.

Simply contact us at contact@montessoriuniversetse.com and explain the reason for your problem. In most cases, you'll get your money back within 48 hours.

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